Dion V sculptures

A modern artist with a passion for art.

Dion combines his passion with art and creativity as a famous action painter. Dion has a background as an actor and entertainer, but at a young age Dion discovers that painting is closer to him. Not bad! Dion does not get it from a stranger; his distant ancestor was Andrea del Verrochio, one of the teachers of the then 18-year-old Leonardo da Vinci.

Dion combines his passions and thus continues the tradition. All the emotions that arise from the suppression of now Dion puts into his art. That is why DionV's art is extraordinary. Dion performs during shows and events and has collaborated with DJ Quintino and Cor Bakker, among others.

It's not just performing, Dion has already been able to design and paint the dutch event Brache Awards twice.

In June 2016, Dion also designed shoes with Doutze Kroes and Ronald Kolk. Dion has previously designed shoes for Simone Kleinsma, Nurlaila Karim and the gentlemen of LA The Voices.

8 products

8 products