Jacqueline Schäfer Sculptures

Jacqueline Schäfer was born and raised in Amsterdam. She went to school there and graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1989. Initially she painted for herself and used painting as a form of expression, but soon she started sharing her work with others.

A colorful style

Over the years, a unique style has developed, reminiscent of the colorful expression of the Cobra period. In her work, Jacqueline combines clear shapes with black contours and bright, colorful areas of color, which she brings together into a playful and artistic whole. Besides painting on the canvas, she also paints 3-dimensional objects. These sculptures clearly show the hand of a talented artist. The style of Jacqueline Schäfer is recognizable and unique.

The themes

The works of Jacqueline Schäfer show the figurative, but not realistic image. She creates a world in which the shapes of her figures are recognizable and very personal. Themes vary from cheerful, strange fantasy birds, static and subdued still lifes to female nudes.

The sculptures

Where she first only painted on the canvas, Schäfer has also been making images of strange birds, cows, faces and other subjects since 2004. The sculptures are inspired by one of her paintings 'The Strange Bird' and her first model immediately received so many favorable reactions that she continued to design a collection of sculptures. The sculptures are made of high-quality synthetic resin, are hand-painted and signed. They are released in limited edition.

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2 products