Rick Triest

Rick Triest was born in Purmerend on April 18, 1989. 

He is an artist based in the Netherlands whose paintings are welcomed in national and interntional art collections. In addition, his art has been featured in pulications such as Paris Match.

In the beginning painting was an outlet for creativity and expression for him. After having sold his first series of abstract works, a subsequent series soon followed and he quickly became more and more famous in Holland. The entrepreneurial spirit and urge for individuality and independence was a great motivation to continue his quest as a self-taught artist.

Rick has since exhibited nationally and internationally and is included in various collections and corporate collections.

To create, to make something out of nothing, is often accompanied by an enormous dose of perseverance, until it succeeds. Achieving that 'moment' is my great passion. Rick Triest

He cites architecture as being one of his greatest sources of inspiration. 

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