Gerdine Duijsens - Sante

Gerdine Duijsens - Sante

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Beautiful artwork by Gerdine Duijzens.

Duijsens’ work is a synthesis between figurative and abstract art. Her internationally collected paintings reflect the modern culture of consumerism, the desire to achieve status, and overindulgence. In their unguarded moments, Duijsens displays her characters as their vulnerable and insecure selves, when in their seemingly unobserved moments they briefly escape from a world in which status, knowledge, protocols and power keep them prisoner. Through lyrical expressionism in its purest form, we see ourselves.

The characters are satirical, exaggerated forms and are meant to be lighthearted and fun. The dining and party scenes have a very recognizable style that can be distinguished by four main elements: people, lush layers of color, expressionistic mark making, and portraiture. Her people are "bon-vivants," somewhat blasé, comical, cheerful, and bored. The partying, dining, happy single, and Botox paintings have become Duijsens’ trademarks and have generated a steadily growing club of collectors internationally.


Gerdine Duijsens

Nationality: Dutch
Unique / edition: Unique
Frame: Frame as pictured
Year:  2018
Dimensions: 80 x 180 cm
Technique: Painted mixed media