Hans Gilbers - Golden Nun

Hans Gilbers - Golden Nun

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A series of drawings (Golden Heart) of different characters with a Heart of Gold. Specially recessed frame, the heart is finished with 23.7K gold powder.

A nun, praying serenely, intimately and devoutly.

Here too, the basis is the dot drawing. It is created on the back of museum glass. At the bottom of the frame is a hand-drawn, unique copy of a Golden Heart. That is a dotted drawing finished with gold pigments and gold dust. The layered and deepened framing creates a spatial effect. This is also known as parallax.


Hans Gilbers

Nationaliteit: Dutch
Unique / edition:  Unique
Frame: As pictured, behind museum glass
Size: 30 x 42 cm
Technique  Dot Art -  23k gold