JE SHEN - Blossoms

JE SHEN - Blossoms

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Mesmerizing works of art by Je Shen.

 One of the most promising artists in the world of Asian contemporary art. By putting sophisticated and effective painting techniques to wise use, he captures viewers in a magnetic collision of lighting, optical illusions, and elegant brushstrokes.

Magical floral atmospheres, where colour and three-dimensionality constantly guide viewers through a vortex of visions and emotions.

The Chinese, Japanese, and Korean specialised press have all shown great interest in this young artist, who is widely considered as one of most fascinating contemporary artists of the past few years.

The artworks are a must to see in real life.


Je Shen

Nationality: Chinese
Unique / edition: Unique
Frame: White.
Year:  2022
Dimensions: 120 x 80 cm
Technique: Acrylic and oil on canvas