Seven Hansen - Invasion

Seven Hansen - Invasion

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An amazing series of artworks by artist Seven Hansen.

Seven Hansen - Art is his passion, his life and his way of thinking. Everything he does has to do with art. Seven comes from a line of artists as his uncle is Le Marquis Hansen. 

After studying graphic design, Seven thought it was time to start his own gallery at the age of 18 and to collaborate with well-known artists from the Netherlands, including Herman Brood, Peter Klashorst and Espen Hagen. 

This is a unique work of art which is cast several layers of epoxy. The technique with epoxy and dibond gives a crystal-clear effect, making colors sharper and more intense. At the back is an aluminum frame, so that the artwork is tight against the wall. 


Seven Hansen

Nationality: Dutch
Unique / edition: Unique
Frame: /
Year:  2019
Dimensions:  150 x 90 cm
Technique: Mixed media on Dibond, 3 layers epoxy